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"Roosevelt: Charge the Bear"

The Roustabouts Theatre Co. presents Phil Johnson in the premiere of this one-man new media release about President Theodore Roosevelt, one of the most fascinating people of the 20th century. Johnson brings this multi-faceted character to life in a truly riveting, energetic, and passionate performance.

Streaming on-demand 24/7 through November 2.

In the gripping 90-minute presentation, the ambitious new president grapples with the issues that would define his term: taking on the trusts, trying to get his message across to the people, and his colossal challenge - the dangerous coal strike of 1902. Miners and others were killed, tensions were high, and --- the biggest threat of all --- innocent people were at risk of freezing to death that winter.

This American dynamo dealt with these in his own relentless energetic way. He was a great man, a great American, and a man of character.

Written by Marni Freedman & Phil Johnson
Directed by Rosina Reynolds

Presenter / Producer: The Roustabouts Theatre Co.

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Event Phone: 619-568-5800

The Roustabouts Theatre Co.
San Diego CA 92101

San Diego

Performance Dates: 10/10/2020 - 11/2/2020
Saturday, 10/10/2020
Sunday, 10/11/2020
Monday, 10/12/2020
Tuesday, 10/13/2020
Wednesday, 10/14/2020
Thursday, 10/15/2020
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Wednesday, 10/28/2020
Thursday, 10/29/2020
Friday, 10/30/2020
Saturday, 10/31/2020
Sunday, 11/01/2020
Monday, 11/02/2020

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