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Nathan C. Jones: A Love Story?

Nathan C. Jones: A Love Story?A world premiere musical with book by Vanessa Claire Stewart, music by Brendan Milburn, and lyrics by Milburn and Stewart. Featuring Amir Levi and directed by Daniel Henning.

"Nathan C. Jones: A Love Story?" is a one-person show told through a series of different conversations Nathan has with himself over the course of his "love" story with Chad. The conversations are all sung, with varying tempos and styles, while the audience watches Nathan's evolution of blossoming love turning ... extremely sour. In 50 minutes, this dark comedic musical explores the pathos of one slightly deranged man as he fosters, then misinterprets, then fatally destroys the relationship he's always dreamed of.

Presenter / Producer: The Blank Theatre

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Event Phone: 323-871-8018

The Blank Theatre's YouTube Page
6500 Santa Monica Boulevard (at Wilcox)
Hollywood CA 90038

LA - Central / Downtown
LA - Hollywood / Westside

Performance Dates: 6/10/2020 - 7/4/2020
Wednesday, 06/10/2020
Thursday, 06/11/2020
Friday, 06/12/2020
Saturday, 06/13/2020
Sunday, 06/14/2020
Monday, 06/15/2020
Tuesday, 06/16/2020
Wednesday, 06/17/2020
Thursday, 06/18/2020
Friday, 06/19/2020
Saturday, 06/20/2020
Sunday, 06/21/2020
Monday, 06/22/2020
Tuesday, 06/23/2020
Wednesday, 06/24/2020
Thursday, 06/25/2020
Friday, 06/26/2020
Saturday, 06/27/2020
Sunday, 06/28/2020
Monday, 06/29/2020
Tuesday, 06/30/2020
Wednesday, 07/01/2020
Thursday, 07/02/2020
Friday, 07/03/2020
Saturday, 07/04/2020

Performance Times
Available anytime on YouTube thru July 4. After that, it will move to The Blank's Third Stage on Patreon.

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Donations to the "Nathan C. Jones: A Love Story?" artist group may be made at

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