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Dance From LA, Off the Stage & Onto the Screen

Dance From LA, Off the Stage & Onto the ScreenLos Angeles Dance Festival & Dance Camera West: Dance From LA, Off the Stage & Onto the Screen

In response to the pandemic, the City of Los Angeles invited these two local dance organizations to create online programs that highlight the innovation of Los Angeles dance makers.

For one week, viewers can view 7 day access to the films of a collaborative showcase between Dance on Camera West and Los Angeles Dance Festival. This was to be a Live Madrid Theater festival but adapted due to Covid. Funded in part by the City of LA Department of Cultural Affairs. DCW is offering 6 dance films and LADF is offering 5 original new works  in both stage and film format.

Now that live events are on pause and must be rescheduled and/or re-envisioned, DCW and LADF working to sustain dance film viewing.  Through a partnership with a DCA, these films are now available for free home viewing.

Tue, Jun 23, 2020, 12:00 AM –
Tue, Jun 30, 2020, 11:30 PM PDT

The event URL is:

LA Channel35 will also be airing the event TBA

This project is supported in part by a grant from the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs

Dance Camera West 2020 – Los Angeles Films
Executive Director Kelly Hargraves says, "DCW2020 was a resounding success. Highlights were creating a more inclusive, diverse selection committee, with 30 artists/curators a record number of 350 film submissions a record number of 75 films presented from over 40 countries over 1200 audience attendees and most importantly, the fulfillment of the DCW mission to create revenue for artists through live event presentation and distribution. We are so very proud to now be able to share it with wider audiences through an online platform."

“Cielo” Short, Will Johnston, 9:14 U.S. (CA)
"Family Portrait” Short, Jingqiu Guan, 10:44 U.S. (CA)
"If I Sound Happy, That's Your Mistake” Short, Derrick Belcham, 11:59 U.S. (CA)
"One Another", Cal Arts Dance/Kevin Frilet, 7:54 U.S. (CA)
"Save Your Self” Narrative Short, Craig Baurley, 5:30 U.S. (CA)
"Wounded, Not Conquered” Experimental Short, Troy Brieser, 2:49 U.S. (CA)

Los Angeles Dance Festival
After canceling the annual month long  April festival of 50 companies 3 venues  a new online version has been created in collaboration with DCA and DCW. Director Deborah Brockus has pulled together all new original works highlighting the changes when a piece is seen live vs edited into a dance film. The 5 films were created in a pandemic at Brockus Project Studios as a tiny sample of LA choreography. Dances were created with safety in mind as solos shot in studio with items on hand as part of LADF choreography highlighting the changes when a piece is seen live vs in edited dance film.

“Spirit Framed “
Choreography and performed by Raymond Ejifor
Music By Bensound
Director of Photography by Patrick Mignano, Hurricane Deck Productions
Set Design by Patrick Mignano
Costume by Patrick Mignano
Editor Patrick Mignano
An essay on structural elements of design and how the physical world related to and influences each individual.

Choreographer /performer – Charlotte Smith
Director of Photography  - Glyn Gray Stir Studios
Set design - Charlotte Smith
Music - Zac Greenberg
Editing -Glyn Gray,Stir Studios
Costume - Charlotte Smith
"Perspective" is taking a moment to let creative energy flow between different viewpoints of the collaborators and their mediums. In a form of chance operations the artists created their material individually and then brought them together for a brief moment. The mirrors reflect that present moment and allow the audience to observe the perspective of the individual collaborators.

“Drift, Inner Landscape”
Choreography by Deborah Brockus
Performed by Julienne Mackey
Director of Photography by Patrick Mignano, Hurricane Deck Productions
Set Design by Deborah Brockus
Costume by Deborah Brockus
Editor Patrick Mignano, Hurricane Deck Productions
A section of a work contemplating the inner space of our minds and memory. Events and emotions that we often cover up in dusty attics to revisit later. Emotions and events that leave traces and scars that we work with every day.

Choreography and performed by Olivia Perez
Music “I like Summertime” by Gregg Young,
Performed by Gregg Young & the 2nd Street Band, Shore Records,
Gregg Young Music ASCAP ©?®
Director of Photography by Patrick Mignano, Hurricane Deck Productions
Set Design by Deborah Brockus
Costume by Olivia Perez
Editor Deborah Brockus
A work about joy and happiness through movement set to Long Beach’s well know musician, Gregg Young and the 2nd Street Band

Choreographer/ performer Hailey Transue
Director of Photography Patrick Mignano, Hurricane Productions
Set Design Deborah Brockus
Costume Hailey Transue
Editing Deborah Brockus

Future online dance projects from LADF
1)Los Angeles Dance Festival is sending seven works by LA choreographers to the Seoul International Dance Festival in TANK in July 2020.
Rosann Gamson / World Wide
Rosanna Tavarez La Dansa Dansa
Bernard Brown  BBMoves
Charlotte Katherine@ Co.
Clairobscur Dance
The 3rd Seoul International Dance Festival in Tank
Online Workshop is held from July 7th to July 12th in 2020

Online Dance Performance is held from July 23rd  to July 26th in 2020
Online Dance Performances
12 dance works from out side of South Korea.
45 dance works from south Korea
6 Korean dance works
5-7  Music & Digital & Dance Co work

2)Los Angeles Dance Festival 2020 will be an online festival shown this fall date TBA

LADF will call for submission for the first time rather than invitational only. And there will be a special section for activist social commentary work. Styles will also branch out from our contemporary focus.

Presenter / Producer: Los Angeles Dance Festival & Dance Camera West

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Event Phone: 562-412-7429

618 B Moulton Ave
Los Angeles CA 90031

LA - Central / Downtown

Performance Dates: 6/23/2020 - 6/30/2020
Tuesday, 06/23/2020
Wednesday, 06/24/2020
Thursday, 06/25/2020
Friday, 06/26/2020
Saturday, 06/27/2020
Sunday, 06/28/2020
Monday, 06/29/2020
Tuesday, 06/30/2020

Performance Times
July 23 12:00AM- July 30 11:30PM

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