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Film of "57 Chevy" by Cris Franco | San Diego REP

Film of San Diego Repertory Theatre is proud to present our filmed production of "57 Chevy" by Emmy Award-winning writer/comedian Cris Franco! Streaming from July 26 - August 15.

Starring: Ric Salinas of Culture Clash
Written by: Cris Franco
Directed by: Herbert Siguenza and Sam Woodhouse

It’s 1964 and ten-year-old Junior is in crisis because his Old World Mexican dad is at it again. Five years ago he loaded his entire familia into his 1957 Chevy and moved them all from Mexico City to East LA. Today Dad is moving the family again, from their diverse East Side neighborhood to a new tract home in the middle-class and eerily homogenous San Fernando Valley. This one-man memory play written by Emmy Award-winning writer/comedian Cris Franco, humorously explores the generation of “double immigrants” who first moved from their homelands to the U.S. barrios in search of opportunity, then moved up into the suburbs in search of color TV and the middle-class American dream! 57 Chevy is a hilarious and deeply endearing tale performed by a brilliant and lovable master of comedy and storytelling.

Presenter / Producer: San Diego REP

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San Diego REP
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Performance Dates: 7/26/2021 - 8/15/2021
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Performance Times
Streaming from July 26 - August 15

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Streaming directly to your home! Pay what you can with a suggested $35 price!

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