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Emerging Artists New Works Festival

Emerging Artists New Works FestivalJeremy Kehoe’s one-act play, TICK TOCK, will be performed Saturday, Oct. 16 at Emerging Artists’ New Works Festival In New York City. The performance will be followed by a talkback session with the playwright.


What if Plato owned an iPhone? Would The Cave be a pimped-out, hi-def bro hole? What if Nietsche played Xbox? Would Ubermensch be Super Mario Brother hellbent on crushing his fellow pixelated mates into submission instead?

Chris struggles mightily to suss out what gives humans humanity he futilely attempts to forge skin-to-skin connections with his girlfriend as she slides blissfully into the comfortable abyss of selective virtual reality awash in a sea of Alexas, Siris, Doordashes and Instagram selfies.

What is the meaning of life? Does what we do here matter, or are we simply here because we are matter?

Presenter / Producer: Emerging Artists

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Theater > Theatrical Comedy

Event Phone: 310-801-6706 x31080

TADA! Theater
15 W. 28th Street
(between Broadway & 5th Avenue)
New York NY 10010


Performance Dates: 10/17/2021
Sunday, 10/17/2021

Performance Times
7 p.m.

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Ticket Price: $20

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