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City Garage Classic Weekend - “The Chairs” by Eugene Ionesco

City Garage Classic Weekend - “The Chairs” by Eugene IonescoEach “City Garage Classic Weekend” is free starting on Friday at 8:00pm until Wednesday at midnight, but we welcome donations.  Please make your contribution on our Chuffed page and then head over to Youtube to enjoy the show!

City Garage continues its ongoing “City Garage Classics” series this weekend with a production from 2009 “The Chairs” by Eugene Ionesco, Adapted by Frederique Michel. Here is a description from the original press release:

"Welcome to the magical world of Semiramis and Monsieur le Concierge, Marchal of the building. They are preparing for an evening event at which, after a lifetime of preparation, Monsieur le Concierge will at last deliver his “message” to a select audience. As they fetch and carry, fuss and fight, the couple gets as lost in their memories of the past as they are consumed by their dreams of a future that seems increasingly unlikely to arrive.  The empty room slowly fills with a ballet of chairs and visitors while the couple get more and more nervous in anticipation of the “Orator”—the man they expect to actually speak on his behalf. This absorbing fable hauntingly explores the ideas of love, loss, frustrated ambition, and the fear of death that so permeates the work of one of the great masters and innovators of 20th century drama. As so often in Ionesco, we laugh at the same time as we wince with pain, recognizing ourselves."

Here is what the critics had to say:

"As with the best of couples, Mance is the physical comedian—turning the wife into a lively, clowning companion—while Roberts makes the husband the true romantic, fully real in his quiet adoration of his wife and a former flame….we are graced with the production’s surprising emotional impact—a rare treat in an increasingly absurd world.”

"Michel delivers a vision of The Chairs that is clear and accessible. The director needs no gimmicks since the two lead actors, Cynthia Mance and Bo Roberts, play Ionesco’s Husband and Wife (and their many guests, ranging five decades in age) with both focus and dedication….a sober presentation of an absurdist play that remains both daring and timeless."

Presenter / Producer: Frederique Michel & Charles Duncombe

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Event Phone: 310-453-9939

City Garage Theater
2525 Michigan Ave
Santa Monica CA 90404

LA - Hollywood / Westside

Performance Dates: 9/25/2020 - 9/30/2020
Friday, 09/25/2020
Saturday, 09/26/2020
Sunday, 09/27/2020
Monday, 09/28/2020
Tuesday, 09/29/2020
Wednesday, 09/30/2020

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Each “City Garage Classic Weekend” is Pay-What-You-Can viewing starting on Friday at 8:00pm until Wednesday at midnight. Please make your contribution on our Chuffed page and then head over to Youtube  to enjoy the show!

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