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City Garage Classic Weekend - “right left with heels” by Sebastian Majweski

City Garage Classic Weekend - “right left with heels” by Sebastian MajweskiEach “City Garage Classic Weekend” is free starting on Friday at 8:00pm until Wednesday at midnight, but we welcome donations.  Please make your contribution on our Chuffed page and then head over to Youtube to enjoy the show!

We are please to present, “right left with heels” by Sebastian Majweski from 2016. The production was a “Go” in the LA Weekly, a “Top Ten” pick in Stage Raw, was nominated for “Best Two Person Performance” by Stage Raw, and was the subject of feature articles in the LA Times, The Hollywood Reporter, and The Jewish Journal. It was also the subject of some political controversy when the Polish Consulate withdrew its promise of financial support due to a new, right-wing government coming into power, one that did not like what the play had to say. Majewski, thanks to a generous private sponsorship, was in attendance for the opening weekend in Los Angeles and participated in a dual-language question and answer question with theaudience, conducted by Polish scholar and journalist Eva Sobolevsky. 

Here is some information from the original press release:

right left with heels recounts the story of the holocaust and post-war Poland from the ironic perspective of a pair of high heel shoes that once belonged to Magda Goebbels wife of Nazi Germany’s minister of propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, with whom she committed suicide on May 1945, having first killed her six children. The shoes, having escaped being burnt along with their owner, but sentenced to exile by the Nuremberg Tribunal, tell their story: from their manufacture in Auschwitz to their final end on the feet of a transvestite murdered by young Polish “patriots” in the twenty-first century. They describe their successive owners: a female Red Army soldier whose spoils of war they become the “Doctor’s Wife,” who denounced a Jewish woman Teresa, a secret police interrogator and Magda, a Solidarity activist who broke under questioning during martial law in Poland in the early 1980s.” The wandering of Magda Goebbels’s shoes—a micro-history of Poland’s impoverished, enslaved, and demoralized post-war—gives a poignant and provocative insight into individual guilt and wickedness and addresses individual, as opposed to collective, accountability in the face of history from the end of WW II to today’s frightening rise of the new right.

Presenter / Producer: Frederique Michel & Charles Duncombe

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City Garage Theater
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Performance Dates: 8/7/2020 - 8/12/2020
Friday, 08/07/2020
Saturday, 08/08/2020
Sunday, 08/09/2020
Monday, 08/10/2020
Tuesday, 08/11/2020
Wednesday, 08/12/2020

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Each “City Garage Classic Weekend” is Pay-What-You-Can viewing starting on Friday at 8:00pm until Wednesday at midnight. Please make your contribution on our Chuffed page and then head over to Youtube  to enjoy the show!

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