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Cinderella like you’ve never seen her before

Cinderella like you’ve never seen her before "A show that will delight children and adults, even if they think they have seen every possible twist on the Cinderella story." Almost 4 decades after its world premiere, the beloved Rudie-DeCarlo musical gets a stunning makeover to kick off the 2021 Safe-at-Home Online Series, while supporting the Open-Again Campaign to re-open the Playhouse doors in its 61st year.

It’s Cinderella like you’ve never seen her before, with new songs, hilarious special FX, a silent movie segment that will have you falling off your couch, dazzling costumes, amazing magical prestidigitation, and a story about being true to your dreams and loving yourself as you are that's as true to today as it was then - the perfect show to share with the whole family, now that families can share space once again!

Featuring Actors’ Repertory Theatre members Tiffany Howell Haile, Cydne Moore, Joseph Perez and Graham Silbert and special guest Emily Quash from our sister company Playbox Theatre in Warwick, England, the company play myriad roles – guess who plays what. You’ll probably be wrong.

“Pick of the Month!” - Show Time Magazine. From the award-winning team of Evelyn Rudie and Chris DeCarlo, adapted for the screen by Graham Silbert, CINDERELLA has all the makings of a perfect tale for today's generation: a handsome prince (who yearns to be loved for himself, not his royal position), vain stepsisters (who ultimately realize looks really aren't everything), a controlling (but genuinely well-meaning) stepmother and a refreshingly independent feisty Cinderella.

"An Enchanting Cinderella, highlighted by fast pacing, fancy costuming and a lovely, unweepy Cinderella, particularly within the context of Rudie and DeCarlo's trademark Gilbert & Sullivan comic lyrics." - LA Times.

Presenter / Producer: Santa Monica Playhouse

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Event Phone: 310-394-9779 x1

Santa Monica Playhouse
1211 4th Street
Santa Monica CA 90401

LA - Hollywood / Westside

Performance Dates: 4/10/2021 - 5/31/2021
Saturday, 04/10/2021
Sunday, 04/11/2021
Monday, 04/12/2021
Tuesday, 04/13/2021
Wednesday, 04/14/2021
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Saturday, 05/29/2021
Sunday, 05/30/2021
Monday, 05/31/2021

Performance Times
On-demand 24/7 April 10 through May 31

Ticket Information:
$15 for the link - watch it as many times as you like. Proceeds support the Santa Monica Playhouse Open-Again Campaign

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