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ACB Launches New Podcast + Video Channel

ACB Launches New Podcast + Video ChannelAmerican Contemporary Ballet brings its iconoclastic approach to the art to listeners and the culturally curious everywhere with a new podcast and IGTV channel.

Both are a great way for dancers and arts/culture fans everywhere to stay connected to the art, and appreciate it more deeply when performances resume.

Over its 10 years in Los Angeles, American Contemporary Ballet has become known for high-quality original programming, and for bringing viewers inside the art – an approach that has turned many first-time ballet goers into a dedicated audience.

With Outsiders, ACB offers podcast listeners everywhere a look at ballet with new eyes by breaking down the most sophisticated concepts to essentials in a vital, entertaining, and approachable way.

Outsiders is hosted by Jones, who at 20 got what most insiders would call a catastrophically late start in dance. He is now the artistic director of what L.A.’s Classical KUSC has called “one of America’s most adventurous and exciting ballet companies.”

Outsiders is not Ballet 101. Jones and his guests take on questions like, “Why does ballet look the way it does?”, “What makes an art form ‘classical?’”, and “What makes a great ballet?” in discussions that reflect the host’s humor and encyclopedic but unpretentious grasp of dance and music in a review of one of Jones’ live talks, The Los Angeles Times wrote, “Lincoln Jones made the most complex issues seem like child's play in a beguiling 'Dance and Design'.” Not all subjects are heady listeners also hear how dancers feel about being called out for corrections in live performances, what’s wrong with ballet photography, and why the placement of toilets are critical to ballet training.

Outsiders is available on Apple, Stitcher, Spotify and most major platforms. It will launch with five episodes new episodes air every Tuesday.

ACB TV is a unique window on the world of ballet for dancers, fans, and anyone who wants an inside look at a rarefied and deceptively effortless art form. ACB’s IGTV (@americancontemporaryballet) will ultimately carry a number of programs the first is Dancing School, a new online version of ACB’s popular live program that allows dancers and non-dancers alike the option of watching – and participating.  

For Dancers
Dancing School is an opportunity to develop technically, musically, and artistically. At regular intervals ACB Artistic Director and Choreographer Lincoln Jones will post short choreographic combinations, breaking down their technique, musicality, and phrasing. Dancers can post videos of themselves performing the combination along with comments its challenges and rewards (during quarantine, combinations will be adaptable to smaller spaces). The company will also post a selection of ACB dancers performing each combination, with Jones giving voiceover feedback on several. Jones says this format allows dancers anywhere to go deeper with the analysis of each combination than is usually possible in a traditional class format.

For Fans…Or Just the Culturally Curious
Dancing School is a remarkable way to witness ballet: comparative performance. When viewers watch numerous dancers attempting the same choreographic combination with Jones’ commentary, they begin to understand what technique, musicality, phrasing contribute to the overall effect of the choreography. They also begin to notice dancers’ subtle differences and individual qualities – cultivating real connoisseurship and even greater enjoyment of ballet. “Having a play-by-play voiceover helps guide your eye and develop your knowledge even faster, allowing you name and understand the things you might be seeing or feeling,” says Jones.

Non-dancers can participate by writing in with questions or comments, which the company will answer, or possibly even create a video to address. More lengthy questions and issues might be discussed on Outsiders.  

Presenter / Producer: American Contemporary Ballet

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Outsiders will launch with five episodes subsequent episodes will air every Tuesday. ACBTV will launch the week of May 10 (@americancontemporaryballet)

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Outsiders is available for free on Apple and most major podcast platforms. IGTV airs @americancontemporaryballet

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